Cage Shark Diving

Calling all adrenalin junkies.  Is cage shark diving on your bucket list? The Great White Shark is the largest predatory fish and the most respected and feared resident of the sea, to both sailors and sea creatures alike.

Depart from a small fishing village called Kleinbaai, which is near Gansbaai (100 kilometers from Pringle Bay), for a memorable day excursion. The trip includes a trip to Dyer Island, home to 23 different species of seabirds and the Geyer Rock Cape Fur Seal Colony. Enjoy lunch on board, and of course for the diving enthusiast, shark diving in a special steel cage, supervised by skilled Dive Masters. Surface viewing is also 90 % successful on most trips. Your hosts will gladly book an adventure trip for you!! Give them a day’s notice please, and bear in mind that weather conditions will determine whether the boats launch or not.

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Photo for page courtesy of: © Great White Shark Tours

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