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Room 1 – Calypso

ROOM 1 – CALYPSO Calypso room offers private spacious ground floor accommodation. The room is 40 m² in size. Your total private space is 65m²  including patio. Besides that it offers mountain and ocean views from its 25 m² private patio which


Room 2 – Ophelia

ROOM 2 – OPHELIA Ophelia offers you 45 m² of  private spacious accommodation on the ground floor. Your private living space is 67m² including your patio. Apart from that it has an extra length king size bed (which can be


Room 3 – Pandora

ROOM 3 – PANDORA Pandora is on the first floor and offers light and romantic accommodation. This spacious room measures 45 m². Apart from that you’ll enjoy sweeping views of  the sea, beach and mountains. You can watch the waves


Room 4 – Pan (Honeymoon)

ROOM 4 – PAN (HONEYMOON) Recently renovated this light, romantic & large room measuring 50 m² is on the first floor and offers private luxury accommodation. You’ll enjoy views of Pringle Bay beach, mountains and the entire False Bay. It’s


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