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Relax, de-stress and feel rejuvenated with a deep tissue, sports, rebalancing or hot-stone massage at a studio in the heart of Pringle Bay

Inner Edge, owned by Julia Griss offers the best in mainstream alternative therapies including relaxing, rejuvenating and healing therapies. With over 20 years experience, and registered with HPC, Julia has combined her years of skill into offering body treatments to the highest professional standards.

You can choose from the following treatments:

This relaxing treatment combines deep tissue massage, stretching techniques and pressure point work to release built-up tension in muscle tissue. Ideal for stress and pain relief. You can choose from either a:
45 min. Head, neck & Shoulder
60 min. Full body massage OR 90 min. Full body massage

This massage targets particular areas of tension experienced by sports people. The massage is ˜hard’, and tackles contracted muscles. Ideal either before or after a sports event to balance and strengthen the body
60 min. Sports massage
90 min. Sports massage

This treatment works in deeply stored tension held in the body and aims to correct and balance specific areas of tension. The body is a reflection of our emotional damage, and this treatment helps heal and restore these old pains.
60 min. Focused Rebalancing massage

Basalt and obsidian stones are heated and used with essential oils in a massage that helps to ease sore and tired bodies. Soothing and extremely relaxing.
60 min. Hot Stone Massage
90 min. Hot Stone Massage

They say our feet are a map and reflection of the state of our bodies. Experience soothing pressure points on your feet that target particular areas of tension, or pain in the body.
Combine massage and reflexology for a top-to-toe treatment.
45 min. Reflexology
60 min. Reflex/massage

Julia’s cell no: 082 904 8224

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