Wild horses
Search for the elusive and mystical wild horses that roam free in the wetlands, maybe find them cantering across the dunes near the lagoon.

There are many different stories regarding the origin of these wild horses. But whether truth or myth, these horses now roam free in the wetlands between Kleinmond and the Botriver lagoon. Mostly found near the Rooisands Nature Reserve, they remain illusive and mystical. To catch sight of them as they graze in the shallow waters or see them canter across the dunes, will lift the spirit of even the most hardened skeptic. They are unique to this area and are South Africa’s only herd of wild horses to be found in a wetland habitat. They are legends in the region with many speculations as to how they got there.

To catch a glimpse of these mystical creatures, you can walk along the beach in Kleinmond for about an hour in the direction of Fisherhaven. Occasionally climb the dunes until you find the vlei where they roam. Alternatively drive on the R44 towards Arabella and Botriver. A few kilometers outside of Kleinmond you will see Lamloch Farm on your left hand side. Just after you pass the farm, take the first road, which does not have a gate, to your right, and drive down to the Rooisand Nature Reserve. Park your car and follow the path to the dunes. You will see the horses’ droppings, and you may be fortunate enough to also catch sight of them in the shallow waters or near the dunes.

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